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Web Development

Responsive and Video is the kinds of engagements the market demands. We Customize our Websites for mobile first, to accommodate the millennial

Modern Responsive Design

Our websites are Responsive and follow Modern Design Trends to give your business a Professional and Modern Appeal.

Custom Web Development

We build dynamic websites that allow your users to interact with your business.
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Project planning & management

Understanding the level of work required to deliver a project and the way in which we'll do so in a timely and on budget manner is crucial for business to work and goals to be achieved. Our project planning process will streamline and clearly document timeline and process in order to achieve transparency and clear lines of communication.

Research & UX

During this phase we gather all the information necessary regarding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project. It’s about really understanding your vision and objectives before we build.

Creative & UI

Video and sophistication to this complex discipline. We understand that the world is currently in a mobile age, therefore our builds are optimized for all screen sizes, including mobile and ipads.


Our solutions are built for the ever-growing landscape of social networking tools and embrace the interactive and latest video trends. As a result, the websites we create deliver outstanding online presence and proven commercial results.

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JR Properties

Brand new Brand, brand new business, Brand new website.

Simple Layout, with a few video slides, showcasing work services built around our "We'll fix it, We'll paint it" campaign.


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